We are Flagler.

Over a century ago, Henry Morrison Flagler
made an indelible mark on Florida.

His unmatched foresight and trailblazing railroad opened Florida up to the world.
His vast land purchases laid the groundwork for our company. His vision set high standards
for innovation and commitment that we honor as part of our core values today.


Best in class.

At Flagler, our name is synonymous with Florida and our reputation is rooted in excellence and exceptional service. We are constantly innovating, pioneering—raising the bar. The result is a client roster that features the top landowners and tenants in the country.


Exceptional results.

With an exceptional track record featuring more than $1 billion in transactions, Flagler brings an institutional mindset to every negotiation. We understand the goals, strategies and resources of all concerned. The result: a rewarding experience for both sides of the table.