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Private Right of Way (ROW) - Corridor Overview
Flagler is currently offering fee-based, right-of-way (ROW) services to companies interested in running underground and overhead lines from Jacksonville to Miami, in addition to sub-grade and overhead crossings.

The ROW is a continuous corridor from Jacksonville to Miami. The length and undisrupted nature of the corridor lends itself well to companies that desire to distribute their services in Florida from a north-south running main-line. The corridor also contains the Florida East Coast Railroad’s main line tracks.

  • Nearly 400-mile long corridor running along the east coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Miami. Corridor splits in Dade County, ending in the CBD and at Miami International Airport. Access to the NAP is also available.
  • Also includes a 70-mile corridor running from Ft. Pierce to Lake Okeechobee, terminating at the town of Lake Harbor.

Longitudinal Runs With the Corridor
Opportunities are available for sub grade, as well as overhead runs within the corridor with acceptable uses including water, gas, sewer, power, and telecom.

Telecom Conduit
Running within the entire length of the corridor, a two-inch conduit is available. Additionally, three short run conduits are available in South Florida.

Agreements for crossings, sub grade, and overhead are available.

Additional Services:

  • Billboards: The Flagler Corridor Group oversees all billboard and other signage agreements.
  • Land Leases: The Flagler Corridor Group oversees the leasing of all land parcels adjacent to and inside of the corridor.

Click Here to View our Corridor Availabilities Brochure

Click Here to Download the FEC Milepost Marker .kHz file


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